Madison County Conservative Party

Madison County Conservative Party exists to promote conservative political principles in Madison County and Central New York. Our purpose is to restore New York’s fiscal well being and protect the taxpayer. It’s important that New York’s Executive and Legislative Branches of Government adopt proposals that maintain values that made New York the Empire State by:

  • re-establishing New York’s fiscal credibility;
  • ensuring citizen safety;
  • educating children properly;
  • supporting traditional families and respecting life; and
  • limited government and personal responsibility.

While these values are not exclusive to the Conservative Party, the government officials we support must present substantive policies that actually address these issues. Many times our politicians use conservative rhetoric yet in reality vote in favor of laws that produce the opposite results. We objectively evaluate candidates, elected officials, as well as existing and proposed laws; and advocate for limited, fiscally responsible government.

Get Involved!

Our government requires and active citizenry. Your government will operate with or without your participation. However, your involvement in the process, at any level, will shape the laws that will govern our future.

Join our cause if you believe in a smaller, more effective government, that protects individual liberty. The Madison County Conservative Party needs your help to:

  1. select local conservative candidates;
  2. hold current elected officials accountable; and
  3. promote limited government and personal responsibility.

First, you can simply connect with us online to stay abreast what’s happening within your government. Then you can change your registration to vote as Conservative Party member. Finally, you can participate in the election process by being an active member of the party. Are you ready to make a positive difference in your government?